Traveling The World 1 City & 1 Country at a Time...

Traveling The World 1 City & 1 Country at a Time...

World Traveler. Surfer / Snowboarder. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Blogger & Father

World Traveler. Surfer / Snowboarder. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Blogger & Father
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Santorini, Greek Islands

Santorini, Greek Islands
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~GoodBye~Liberty League/PMG.. .~Hello~Wealth Masters/ Carbon Copy PRO :)

(Read entire article & have opportunity to come to Huston Texas with me Jan 30th!)
3 years ago I dropped out of college and took a HUGE risk: I sold everything I owned and I invested over 20K (I didn't have) into a home business opportunity that I had NO IDEA how to start, run or was an intense hard core life/business lesson and on top of all that my closest friends and family were telling me I was 'crazy' to do so...BUT...I figured it out and was able to help ALOT of people make a full time living working part time from home online as well :)

Long story short, with the help of my Marketing Mentors, I was able to grow that business and was able to travel the world, attend conferences that taught me more in 1 week than what 4 years of university did, and that same business allowed me to never have to set an alarm clock, and sleep in late while working from home (or the beach) from my lap was freaking AWESOME!

Strangely, at the time I didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have because I had no idea how lucky I was to be literally working side by side with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world (multi millionaires) that were members of what was the top business opportunity on the planet at that time: Liberty League International's Beyond Freedom Mastermind Community.

I want to take a moment here to say "THANKS" to all of you that were involved on the "inside" for all your leadership, support / mentorship and friendship and I look forward to continuing to grow our relationships inside & outside of this industry.

I have been having alot of conversations with alot of you over the past while and its awesome to hear what you have all been up too. I also had a loooong (2hour) conversation with "The Home Business Diva" aka Robin Firestone the other night and we both reminisced & reflected on all of the incredible talent, marketers and leadership that we had within our mastermind community and attend our events and conference calls.

We (LLI) really did set the pace raising the bar of what is possible for human potential in free enterprise, and if you look around the Home Business Arena, the majority of ALL the industry leaders got started and trained at Liberty League International. Interesting fact huh? Its funny that you don't know how much something / someone means to you until its gone and I want to thank Brent & Shane for creating this vision and thanks for the great ride!

However, nothing can last forever and unfortunately with the re-branding into Polaris, many marketers have lost their passion for the organization that gave us so much and have had to look elsewhere.

I actually stepped away from the entire home business industry for that past 9 months and pursued some passion projects that were very personally fulfilling; like writing, volunteering my time in schools and coaching a basketball team, also helping my good friend Dan Johnson launch and I am about to launch "Carlin Coaching & Consulting" in the near future, but non of these were as financially fulfilling as what the Direct Sales / Network Marketing can provide anyone with desire with.

So with the turn of the new decade and being my 3 year anniversary since stumbling into this profession, I felt it was time to dust of my old marketing hat and start fresh with a new company and a new team of leaders to work with to help others achieve their goals and lifestyle that they desire and deserve.

Then there was the question of, "well, what business should I join?"

I saw a ton of people go to Life Path Unlimited, but I wanted to try something new outside of the Personal Development Industry and I needed to find a business that had a no brainier stand alone product that the masses not only wanted, but NEEDED.

(However, I am still very involved and active in the Personal Development Industry, a few friends and I are actually throwing our first Coaching Event in Kelowna with about 10 other young professionals were we are having a Mindset-Marketing-Mastermind Retreat. Should be a wicked time!)

To be honest with you all, before I joined LLI in Jan 07, the first person that ever prospected me was Jay Kubassek after he left LLI to go to WMI and I almost joined him at Wealth Masters International back then. But then I saw "The Secret" and Personal Development was my main interest, so LLI was the right choice for me at that point and it was a fantastic ride!

However, the one thing I thought LLI was missing was a great Automated Marketing System, and real online marketing training. They had a GREAT mindset & leadership training system, but and when I saw Carbon Copy PRO, I was pretty blown away! (Plus I wanted to give my new clients, customers & partners a REAL opportunity to be part of CCPros Mission to create 100 NEW Millionaires by 2012!)

So....drum roll please, I am happy to announce that I have partnered with Wealth Masters International as a M3 Master Consultant and a soon to be a Carbon Copy Pro Marketing Member.

What is Wealth Masters International and how can we help you?

Being an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others, I see the extreme need & opportunity in the marketplace to help educate and assist MILLIONS of individuals in our society become more financially literate and empowered helping get the masses get out of debt, by teaching them how to pay less taxes and how to start growing and developing assests while finding solid, high return investment opportunities only available through the private membership of the Wealth Masters product line up.

The sad, but true fact that the average North American spends $1.05 for every 1.00 dollar that they earn. As a society, we spend WAY more than we make.

Ask yourself, do you really need all that stuff you bought this past weekend? Hmmmm. Sometimes I look around my condo and I am disgusted with all the 'stuff' I have accumulated.

Since becoming a WMI member, I have already leaned how to pay WAY less in income taxes for either employees or entrepreneurs to adapt to, also how to cut ANYONE'S credit card interest rate in half (I just tested this method myself and I slashed my own from a 19.5% interest rate, and got it down to a insanely low 9.8% rate with just one 5 minute phone call!!)

Oh, by the way, I haven't even received my "getting started" M1 Masters Program Product yet (I pick that product up while I am in Texas next week! That info was just from the training calls I have listened in on! :)

In closing, I want to pass this ESSENTIAL information / opportunity onto the masses!

I am flying down to Huston Texas on Jan 30th to attend a Wealth Masters Live Event to learn more about how to teach people to profit in this economy and to meet the co-founders and other top industry leaders / marketers who only promote the WMI Business System & product line up and I have 5 *FREE* tickets (actually, now I only have 3 free tickets left b/c two are already spoken for :)

So here is the deal, I know many people in my old organization are at a cross roads and looking for what the next step is for them and their businesses...or maybe you are someone who is just sick and tired of not having the lifestyle and freedom you want and are finally ready to do something about it...

Regardless of WHO you are, or WHAT you do, you can do something about it...

Summary: I have 3 FREE Tickets for the first 3 people who call me at 604 340 6986 to learn more or email me at to attend this event for free. Period.

You really have NOTHING to loose and EVERYTHING to gain...

Why do you want to be one of the 3 people who gets access & and invitation to this Life Changing Event?

Your Personal Invitation to a PARTY:)

I want to wish EVERYONE all the best in whatever business they are building or what ever program they are marketing, and anyone who is looking to get started with the company were all the top marketers are consulting at with WMI, I will be offering a sizable discount to help anyone who is serious about becoming an entrepreneur or who just wants to learn how to manage their finances better through our product line up...

Want more info?

Lets ALL Live The Dream!

Hope to see YOU in Texas:)

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