Traveling The World 1 City & 1 Country at a Time...

Traveling The World 1 City & 1 Country at a Time...

World Traveler. Surfer / Snowboarder. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Blogger & Father

World Traveler. Surfer / Snowboarder. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Blogger & Father
@ Egypt Pyramids
Over 300 Cities & 35 Countries Traveled On My World Wide Adventure / Journey Thus Far: Australia, Mexico, Europe; Greece, Amsterdam, Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, France, Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Sinai, Jordan, Morocco, USA, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia. I'm Currently Living & Traveling in Asia: Bali, Taipei, China, Japan & South Korea...

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Santorini, Greek Islands

Santorini, Greek Islands
Been on 6 of the 7 Continents

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Whistler: Mindset-Marketing-Mastermind


Ever hear the saying that: "Birds of a feather flock together?" well, "Master Marketers Flock Together" aswell. This weekend a few of us from different Network Marketing compaines flocked to Whistler BC for some: "Snowveza": great snow, great beer, great wine, great dinners and great converstaion for a random Mindset-Marketing-Mastermind weekend...
Jay Kubassek


I could get into the details but this video has a few golden nuggets of tips for you in your home business ventures.

Enjoy the content, conversation and of course enjoy the scenery; I know I did:)
The "Sea-2-Sky" Highway Drive Home Business Interview. Quinton & JRodd...
(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

Jay & I @ Whistler Summit: See YOU at the TOP! CHEERS.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is a Mentor?

I am in Whistler BC at the moment.
I will tell you why shortly. First, I have to say that if you have NEVER been to the west coast of BC Canada...why NOT? It is absolutely incredible (like I said in my last article, its a whole new world compared to the rest of North America (especially Winterpeg:)

Outside the condo I rented for the week I am sitting cross-legged beside the warm fireplace with a gin & tonic in my non typing hand as I am surrounded by a hot tub on our balcony, knee deep powder covering the massive mountains overhead and off in the distance I hear Australian accents bouncing around a village that is about to explode on a this Saturday night.

So, back to why I am so stoked to be in Whistler: today was a very cool day for me: I met my 1st business mentor.

2 years ago I got a call from a guy who said he was making 50K/month from home.
His name: Jay Kubassek. Sound familiar? If not, he is the Founder of Carbon Copy PRO Marketing System. Since then Jay has gone on to make over 170K per month as a Top Producer & Trainer in the Network Marketing / Direct Sales Home Business Industry.
More than that, he is a pretty cool guy as well.
The first time we talked in Jan 2007, it was when he just left Liberty League International (the Personal Development Direct Sales Company where he made his first few million $'s) to go to Wealth Masters International and create his own system. That first conversation changed my life and opened a new door of possibility and opportunity. I connected well with him (but not as well with the Wealth Masters Business Opp). We were both young, single dads who hated working for wadges and loved snow boarding and the freedom that being an home based entrepreneur gives.

Fast forward 2 years later: I did not join Jay Kubassek in WMI (Wealth Masters International), I went with my passion of personal development and created my home as a marketer with LLI (Liberty League International). However, I always kept an eye on Jay Kubassek and followed his marketing methods and his leadership mentoring mentality as I considered him to be my first 'mentor' even though we never collaborated in a business venture together (even thought I invested in his Insideout DVD product and tuned into some of his training calls).

His success did have a HUGE impact on me and my primary business, expecially when other leaders in Liberty League commented on how much I reminded them of Jay and now today I was sitting across from the first person who introduced me to the Home Business Industry 2 years ago. As we were having a beer and finishing lunch talking business at the top of Whistler Summit's overlooking the world from 2000 feet above sea level, I felt that we were on the same level, "at the top". That has a HUGE experience for me because I had such a high level of respect for Jay Kubassek as a person and as an entrepreneur and now that I saw that he really is just a regular guy with a huge desire. In some respects, a mutual friend of ours J Rod said that we even kind of look the same...(however, its obvious that I am younger and MUCH better looking...hahha, just joking Jay:)

The one thing that I do see that sets Top Producers & Mentors in this industry apart from the others who fail to become just that, is that leaders have more drive, determination, ambition and keep their integrity to reach a goal and do what ever it takes to get to the top.

I also realized that when I go to my companies events with my team, I am also a mentor to a large group of people as well who look up to me. So that brings me to my question:

What is a Mentor?

In my opinion, a mentor is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Characteristics of a good mentor: a trusted advisor, a teacher, a leader, a visionary, a coach & trainer who shows people a step by step a simple game plan to get the results that they want either in sports, business or through personal development life lessons.

Why does everyone not only need, but DESERVE a mentor?

Mentor ship is like having a personal 'friend on the inside' or somewhat of a professional who has 'been there and done that' who can dramatically lessen your learning curve and be there to guide & support your evolution of developing the essential skill sets needed to become successful in what ever endeavor you choose to master.

For me, I am a MARKETER & A COACH; so I surround myself with successful marketers & coaches. Makes sense right? We call this the Law of Association, that whoever you surround yourself with, you will ultimately become. So if you are not satisfied with your results or your network of people, go out to find a community, a network or group of people who ARE getting the results you want, learn how they got started and plug into your own Mastermind Community.

I am so greatful to ALL my mentors that have crossed my path in my life and since I became an entrepreneur! Everyone in Liberty League International for ‘showing me the way’ and my personal Summit Advisor Debbie Ruston, thanks for all you do :)
"Your network, becomes your networth".

For more info about joining out Mindset-Marketing-Mastermind Dream Team Community

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My FACEBOOK 25 Random Things About Me

Lets get started:
1) WOW, its unreal when I look back at my life and try to think of only 25 things that I have done....
I have really been blessed to live a very adventurous and random life so far at a young age...
I feel like I should be like 100 years old by now with all the things I have done so far...haha
I am just happy I survived so far ;)

#1 seems like its so important and profound like its is the first chapter of a book or something so I will reveal something VERY juicy...drum roll please....I am acually an alien sent here from another galaxy to see if there is any intelligent life on this luck so far...joking.

2) Ok, lets get serious now: Obvioulsy I don't take life tooo seriously, cause if I did I would never make it out alive...right? I believe life is short, so live it to the fullest while you still can...I sure do :)

3) I rode a camel through the Egyptian desert to attend a 10 day Rainbow Gathering in the middle of no where...literally....on my way out I lost my guide and my camel took off with my backpack and all my posissions on it...
I was stranded, alone with no water, no food...nothing...for hours....then I was found by a British couple. God bless the British!

4) I bought a car in Australia (were I travelled & backpacked for 1 year when I was 19) I put my surfboard on top and drove all across that MASSIVE country...
From Sydney all the way to Perth on the west coat, cruising all by was soooo cool & by far the best year of my far:)

5) My favorate beer is VB (Victoria Bitter) & Guiness. (I am also Irish, so happy St Patricks Day :)

6) I am tall...6 foot 6 to be now you don't have to ask me that like every other person does when they first meet me. Thanks.

7) I moved away from home 1 week after I turned 18 & been 'on the road' ever since. I had a basketball scholarship to play university ball out of province...since then I have lived in so many different places its hard to keep track.

8) I lived in a beach hut for a month in Mexico.
I surfed every day & traded pesos for tacos & cerveza. IT was AWSOME!

9) I travelled across Europe for almost 3 months...the hardest trip was:
I rode a train for 5 days straight from Portugal to The south of Italy...then I got on a boat for 2 days to Greece...then got on another train for a day to Athens...then on another boat...then I finally arrived at the nicest island I have ever been on...Santorini. And slept for 48 hours straight....its hard work being a world traveller :)

10) I was stranded at the Canadian Embassy without a passport in Thailand....
Then on another trip I got threatend, robbed and almost jailed in Morocco for being a
'white tourist with $'

11) I love sushi, pizza, and Thia food. That is my diet right there.

12) I worked for the Sydney Olympics in 2000. It was an unbelievable experience and met SOOO many awsome people I am still friends with today...I LOVE OZ & can't wait for the Whistler Olympics!

13) After I won a 1000 bucks New Dears Day on my first trip to Vegas when I was 21, I extended my trip and decided to hichhike to go surfing in LA. I put the 1K in my sock & I was picked up by 3 shady spanish drug dealers that took me to multiple crack houses all around California making "drop offs' before they dropped me off.
It was probably one of the scariest things I have experience... but once agian, I survived...thank God.

14) You can rent me at Blockbuster...I have been featured in a few movies back in my 'acting days'

15) I think that the most attractive feature on others is their eyes and smile. I have been told that about myself aswell.

16) I have loved & I have lost...but I have always learned ALOT from all my relationships.
I am greateful for that.

17) I drove from coast to coast accross Canada! From Victoria to Halifax in 1 summer with 3 friends...what a wacky road many speeding tickets, one of us got arrested then we fliped a coin with the cop to get him off, hilarious! We slept on strangers couches, I surfed in the pacific & atlantic ocean the same trip...then I ended up living in Montreal for a year with my buddy Jon after that coast to coast adventure because we both fell in love with the 'French style'...haha!
I miss the Montreal crew!

18) I sold everthing of value that I owned, including leaving school, taking out my student loan and renting out my place to livie in Mexico for a month to be able to afford to get started in my own Home Based Business to attend a conference in move I ever made...

19) I have the best boy in the world, Ethan Ashton Carlin...who is the reason I do the business that I do...

20) The two scariest things I have ever done is bundgy jumping & telling the judge that I want full custody of my son...because I once you take that first have no idea how the cord / or court, will react and support the weight of your case.

21) I am a Christian / Catholic. I consider myself to be very spiritually aware of my thoughts and focus on the good in life...not the bad (Law of Attraction)..I visited Isreal and went to Jeruselum..WOW... now that is a Holy Land! Incredible history and energy there, EVERYONE deserves to experience that. I climbed Mount Sinia too :)

22) My Faviroate # is 22...and anytime I look the clock its always 22 after. bizzares.
My Favoriate song is "Bittersweet Symphony" The Verve

23) I serioulsy have the nicest mother in the world! I think Heaven is missing an Angel becuase this woman is such a siant I am so greatful to have such wonderful parents like I do. My dad is one of the funniest people I have ever met aswell. Thanks guys...and sorry for all the grey hair my 'crazy jetsetter lifestyle' has caused have to agree, since Ethan was born I have chilled out alot...right?

24) Honestly, Lifestyle is VERY important to me. I sleep in everyday, I have never been able to (or wanted to) have a regular 9-5 job. I don't know how people have time for working jobs and all these insane hours...
As you can see, for the past 10 years maintaining my lifestyle is a full time job....
seriously, its a hard job but someones gotta do it :)
I always wonder how do people work 40 hours a week, and have time to do all the day to day cook, clean, grocery shop, pay bills, work out, socialize, read, family time, LIVE?

How do you do it?

I work 20 hours per week from home and still don't have enought time for everthing I want / need to do...I think I need a 'life assistant'...any takers?

25) I have a goal to 'empower and inspire' (says Landmark Education) thousands of people to live a life of passion & action. I am so sick of seeing people with HUGE potential waste it away for some dead end JOB (Just Over Broke) and not follow thier dreams and wants.

Be DO Have. Simple as that people.

I feel that with all the things I have done so far, all the places I have been and all the people I have met in the past few years, the fact I am in my mid 20's makes me wonder...what the hell am I gonna do with the rest of my life?
I kind of feel like I have done it all....
Any suggestions?

Right now I have a project I am working on: completing a manuscript I wrote in college.

I feel that I need to write a full novel about these "25 random things" well as the hundreds of others that didn't make the cut that are not "Facebook Friendly PG 13"...hahah...

But seriously, if anyone has any connections or insights about how to submitt / publish or produce a novel for a frist time author...I am all ears to learn how this process works...

Thanks for listenting to my "25 random things"...

I hope they put a smile on your face and a thought in your head.

Your "Facebook Friend",

Quinton Carlin :)

PS My next goal is to live in a beachfront house in Hawaii, with a hot tub & hammock on my front deck overlooking the waves that crash meters from my front door.

Life is good....go out an play.
Wanna play with me & my team of 'Freedom Fighters"?
Apply @

Thursday, March 12, 2009

City - 2 - City & State - 2 - State

As you probably already know : I travel ALOT!

I just got off a plane from Vancouver (FYI Van City is ALWAYS rated in Macleans Magazine as one of the top 5 cities in the WORLD) and I am blessed to say I live in this paradise of a city...but my destination on this trip took me to one of North Americas 'worst' cities...drum roll please....Winnipeg, or more correctly called "Winterpeg".

Currently every hair on my body is standing on stilts do to the -30 degrees celcius tempreture and I am sitting inside, drinking a fire place....and wearing 3 layers...and I am still freezing!

This article is not about climate, its about culture & mindset of the people who CHOOSE to live in each of these VERY different and diverse cities.

Its a bitter sweet symphony every time I come back to this 'city' or small town of small people...

I call it and them 'small' because no one really wants to leave or live in Winnipeg...the just end up here. Like really, who would conciously CHOOSE to live in a climate that is -30 for about 8.5 months of the year then in the 3.5 months of 'summer' they are surrounded by misquitoes and unbearable humididty?

So you see, people just end up here & exist.

The only reason I am hear is because for some reason my sons mother has chosen to 'exist' here.

I have observed that people do not actually live and thrive in Winnipeg...they get by and survive..always waiting for summer..then complaining about the heat and mosquitoes and then complaining about the cold...heres a tip:


It is absolutely SHOCKING the difference in consciousness between people in Van and the Peg.

Poverty Consciousness is EVERYWERE in Winnipeg, it has the highest murder rate in Canada, the coldest temperature in North America and a economy were every second building is our of business...

On the conterary, in Vancouver Prosperity & Abundance everywhere. The city of glass as I call it, beautiful new condos strech accross the skyline over the ocean and under the mountians...a perfect scene. It NEVER goes below 0 degrees and is the only city in Canada that has a beautiful beach downtown.
Like I said: A West Coast Paradise.

A 2.5 h flight takes you from the worst city in Canada to not only the best in Canada
but what is said to be the top city in the world...(maybe behind Sydney or Hawaii)

I have been here for only a few hours, and I am already looking forward to getting back to the forward thinking, fun, beautiful, modern, warm, mountinous, oceanous (now I am making up words I am so excited to get home) hip citiy that is litteraly BURSTING with opportunities!

Instead, all I see here right now in Winterpeg is people just trying to survive the witner, barried in jackets, gloves and hats as the wind rips across the plain praries.

Walking around downtown Winnipeg is somewhat simular as walking around a morge or a grave yard...the walking dead...infested and populated with the rejects of society. A sad sight to see. I was talking to a good friend of mine and he summed it up like this, if you look at the map of north america, and thought of it as a giant ass...whats in the middle of it?


Signing off from the Gordon Downtowner : AKA the dark hole of this continent.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My "Attitude of Gratitude"

It's 11 35pm.
At the moment I am lying in bed with a glass of red wine.
I can not stop thinking about of how incredibly fast the last 5 years have flown by!
Truly amazing...

Exactly 5 years ago tonight (March 4th 2004), I was lying in bed with my girlfriend at the time. Little did we know that she was just hours away from giving birth to our first child.

I remember when she went into labour in the middle of the was like a scene from a movie: packing the bag, rushing out of the house and into the car.
I was driving as fast and careful as I could to the hospital. It was dark, snowing & freezing (Winnipeg in the winter is not the most exotic location in the world).

Then, a few hours later (9 to be exact) a little angel was born and brought into our world.

Ethan Ashton Carlin

It was such a surreal, unforgetable experience!

I remember holding him for the first time.
Now, THAT is love at first sight! :)

So here I am now 5 years later.

I have changed the diapers, givin the baby baths, and seen him go from horizontal crawling to vertical walking.

What a marvoluous miricle!

Now he tells me all about his favoriate super heros (Spiderman & Batman) and which dinasours are the best fighters and why Transformers are the coolest...incredible!

FYI: My dad just turned 67, I am 28, and my son is 5 tomorrow.

The 3 generations of Carlin men.

I am so greatful to be in 'the middle' of 2 incredible individuals:
Paul & Ethan Carlin.

I respect, admire and love you both more than words can describe.

So the tip is for all the fathers and all the sons:
Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)

Happy Birthday Son!

I am so blessed & greatful that you chose me to be your daddy & thanks dad for showing me how to be a great father.

Liberty League Founder Brent Payne

Liberty League Founder Brent Payne
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